Thursday evenings in Santa Clarita take on a whole new meaning with Throwback Thursdays at The Canyon! Live music by some of The Canyon’s favorite and most entertaining dance bands, like The Spazmatics (80s New Wave Nerds), The BlockBusters (90s Rock), The M-80’s (80s New Wave), and the one and only Boogie Knights (Retro Disco). Plus, the early evening kicks off with some of the area’s best up and coming bands to help rev you up for the night’s headliner.

So grab some friends and come on down Where Music Meets The Soul…

Join the party – Thursdays at The Canyon!

Doors 8pm. Headliners 10:00pm. $10 + applicable fees
If you purchase a ticket at a table you are required to purchase dinner.  Minimum spend is $25.00 per person.

Must be 21+ to Attend.

The Spazmatics

From the creators of the Fabulous Boogie Knights comes the Spazmatics. All the awesome sounds, styles, and way cool dance steps from the 1980’s decade we’d love to forget. Complete with skinny ties, Brill Creamed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, The Spazmatics recapture all the best of the worst. Outstanding musicianship combined with creative flair and style makes for an evening of pure energy and entertainment. So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999; only it’s not! The Spazmatics.

The Boogie Knights

The Boogie Knights were originally formed in October of 1992 as a Halloween gag in Los Angeles, Ca. Almost over night, the Boogie Knights took the live music scene by storm. The Boogie Knights have inherited a worldwide reputation, performing on various MTV programs & major sporting events, live shows across the nation & overseas, as well as appearances on network television shows & films. Complete with choreography, polyester, afro’s and bell bottoms the Boogie Knights are heralded as “The greatest disco revival show in the world.

The M-80's

The M-80’s are a rockin’ new wave band who will transport you back in time with hits including everything from “Just Like Heaven” by the Cure to “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. If you were a wild child of the 80’s, The M-80’s are the best way to celebrate this memorable decade. Don’t forget your parachute pants, Member’s Only jackets and crimped hair! The M-80’s won’t. The M-80’s.

The Blockbusters

Relive the 90s era with The BlockBusters performing all the slacker hits of the lost decade of the 90’s from artists such as: Metallica, Green Day , Digital Underground, Nirvana , Chili Peppers and much more.


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