Ted Nugent is rockin’ America again!

Ted Nugent announces his 2017 Rockin’ America Again Tour this summer and tickets are on sale for performances at The Canyon in Agora Hills, CA on June 28th and at The Rose in Pasadena on July 2nd.

It is my moral, physical, patriotic and spiritual obligation to take the best rock-n-roll to the masses every summer, so here we go again.   50+ years and running to MAKE AMERICA ROCK AGAIN, like I do every year!

— Ted Nugent

Since 1958, Ted Nugent has released 34 albums and sold over 30 million records. Some of Ted’s most memorable songs are “Stranglehold” (1975), “Free for All” (1976), and “Cat Scratch Fever” (1977). The Hard Rock artist not only has made a name for himself in music, but also as a philanthropist and with his outspoken views in the political arena. Ted prides himself has an advocate for Hunting and feeding the needy by helping to distribute over 6 million pounds of meat through a program called Hunters for the Hungry. Ted also loves our troops and supports several non-profits that support nature, hunting, and the military.

Interview with Ted Nugent

With so many consecutive performances, how are you able to keep yourself at the top of your game? Do you have a special diet? Do you workout? What keeps you going? I take really good care of myself with intelligent diet of 90% wildgame, quality sleep, nonstop physical activity and overall quality of life balance. I promised myself long ago that I would never miss a hunting season and never poison my sacred temple with drugs, alcohol, tobacco or bad food. Balance in life is essential for optimal workin hard playin hard happiness and to maintain the ferocious animal energy I unleash every night on tour.

You are offering a special VIP package and it’s called the “Dangerzone VIP package.” What’s the story behind the name “Dangerzone”? I know the media thinks you’re danger to society, but are you a really a danger to people you meet? I’m a danger to society like Mother Theresa with a loud guitar. My backstage Dangerzone is the epicenter, eye of the rock-n-roll storm for real music lovers. We hangout and talk about the joys of killer music, the greatest guitartone, most fun songs ever and a defiant status quo crushing independent lifestyle of hands-on conservation in the great outdoors. 

Ted, everyone knows your name has a stigma that has been following you for many many years and that stigma is “controversy”. Do you love controversy? Controversy should be your middle name, because you have somehow sparked controversy at no less than once per year. Do you love causing controversy or does it always find you? There is always some “buzz” from the media, “Ted Nugent said this” and “Guess what Ted Nugent said”. What is your take on the controversy that consistently surrounds you? Is it intentional on your part? Or is it that the media loves to bait you to see what you’ll say next? Or, do you intentionally bait the media, because you know they will talk about you?  (Sorry for the long multi-part question)  Welcome to the runaway “fake media” that I have been plagued with all my life. I have been certain for a very long time that an American’s most important duty is to speak up, ask questions, demand Constitutional accountability from our elected employees and spotlight abuses, corruption and cockroaches at every opportunity. I seek no controversy and am indeed heart broke that such common sense, truth and logic creates controversy. Runaway fraud, deceit, corruption, abuse of power and out and out criminality by my government must be addressed, exposed and rectified. I raise hell because a soldier died for my right to do so. Being the hopeless optimist and believer in the indefatigable American spirit, I hope, pray and believe that we will pull ourselves up out of this long-running embarrassing suicidal tailspin into the lowest of lows where so many Americans live to take instead of give.  I see guilt catching up with the bloodsuckers and America returning to being the best that we can be and outproducing the rest of the world again. I believe the status quo must always be challenged. Sheep don’t like that. Tough.

I wanted to steer away from politics, but I wanted to ask this one last question. I heard someone mention the possibility of you running for President in 2020. Is that still a possibility? What would keep you from running for President?   I currently perform the most important political duties an American has the responsibility to perform- I experiment in self-government on a daily  basis, fulfilling my “we the people” duties to monitor and guide our elected employees to adhere to their oath to the US Constitution and demand accountability from them. If enough Americans determine I could do a better job in public office and Mrs. Nugent and my beloved family agree, there is no limit what I am willing to do for my country.

Let’s go back to your upcoming tour and your music. What can fans expect from Ted Nugent this year? What they can always expect is sheer outrage and a ferocious animal dance soundtrack of freedom, attitude, liberty, spirit and all American defiance of all things status quo. Oh, yeah, and some killer love songs too. I’ve got the best band on planet earth with Greg Smith on bass and vocals and Jason Hartless on drums, and they put more energy and piss & vinegar into my music than any guitar player could ever dream of. We are the tightest, highest energy band in the world, and if that young 25 year old Ted Nugent showed up, we’d kick his ass. We perform all the classics like Wango Tango, Cat Scratch Fever, Hey Baby, Great White Buffalo, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, Turn It Up, Free For All, Just What The Dr. Ordered, Gonzo, Yank Me Krank Me, Good Friends and A Bottle of Wine, Paralyzed, MotorCity Madhouse, Baby Please Don’t Go, Fred Bear, Stranglehold, Queen of the Forest and many others.

Every year, you tribute and honor a different artist at your shows. Can you tell us what artist you will play tribute to and why is this particular artist dear to you? We pay homage to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddly, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Sam and Dave and everything Motown nightly. Chuck Berry was the Godfather of American music and we honor him every night! He smiles down upon us I’m sure!

Be sure to see Ted Nugent Rockin’ America Again live at The Canyon in Agora Hills, CA on June 28. Tickets for this show are available at http://www.canyonclub.net/events/ted-nugent/

See Ted NugentRockin’ America Again at The Rose in Pasadena, CA on July 2nd. Tickets for this show are available at http://roseconcerts.com/events/ted-nugent/

In honor of the passing of the great Chuck Berry, Ted Nugent performs one of Chuck’s immortal classics:

Article written by Mikey Jayy

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