Venue Vector Logos in .

The ZIP file below contains Vector logos for each Venue.
They are saved in Several Formats – AIEPSEMF and PDF

Venue Logos ZIP File

Updated 9-20-2017

Usage: Do Not Stretch out of Proportion
Color: Contrast with Environment

All Sites – Event Image Templates

The ZIP file below contains templates for the Slider and Event Image.

The Slider is 1500px wide by 500px tall.
The Event Image is 975px wide by 300 px tall.


Event Images ZIP File

Poster Templates

The Posters for the Canyon & Saban are 36in Tall by 27 in Wide at 150 DPI.

A PSD file with Grouped Footer Layers For Each Venue Can be Downloaded Below

The Rose Posters are 30in High and in a horizontal Format. The Width varies depending on the size of the window it is going in. Therefore there is no Template available. just send us High Res or Vector assets and we will make your poster.

Please Send your art back to  

Poster Template ZIP File

The Marquee at the Saban

The Marquee at the Saban is comprised of 3 LED panels. (Left – Center – Right)

The Size of the Images are Specific and must be adhered to! We made a Photoshop Template to make it easy.

If you are starting from scratch, your file needs to meet these specs:

512px wide by 128px tall.
Colorspace: RGB.
Saved as a JPG, GIF or PNG.
No Transparency.

Please note: 1 pixel is one LED bulb. Tiny text doesn’t display nice. Think of it along the lines that you are driving down the street & you only have a few second glance to get the info. Keep it simple.

Please Send your Completed art to  

Marquee Template ZIP File