Aussie songstress RALPHY comes to Pasadena

There must be something in the water ‘Down Under’ because we have another amazing Aussie making huge waves over in the US. After the success of her recent single release ‘LOVER’, the LA based independent pop sensation RALPHY is once again receiving an overwhelming response to her new EP ‘PEACE LOVER’.

This sexy, sultry songstress has become increasingly known for her amazing live performances and her ability to lift her audience into a beautiful space of love & freedom.

RALPHY is a proud advocate of equal rights, gay pride and of course this EP is all about highlighting the need for social accountability.

‘Love Remains’ is a definite standout on the EP. RALPHY has cleverly used shock tactic lyrics to drive home the extent in which our world has become desensitized to death and war.

We then have songs like ‘Lover’ + ‘Skin to Skin’ that bring an exciting change of pace as RALPHY lavishly celebrates sensuality, one love and sexual freedom. RALPHY’S message is simple yet powerful, ‘LOVE’.

‘PEACE LOVER’ available now on iTunes.

Tickets are available to see Ralphy during Pasadena Beatz on Thursday, March 23 at The Rose.